I love this state.

I love this state. I want Kansas to be a great place to raise my sons, build our small business, and get outside and play in our Kansas landscapes!

And I want this for all Kansas families, not just my own.

Therefore, I support a sufficiently-funded state government that invests in children, families, and the environment. I believe that government has a responsibility to promote policies that provide economic and social justice, a clean environment and safe workplaces.

I also believe that to build a better Kansas will take all of us. I am committed to protecting voter rights so that all of us can participate in the political process, regardless of race, color, age, physical abilities, economic status, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ethnicity, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

By nature, I am a collaborator. I prefer to find common ground with my colleagues whenever possible, and respectfully disagree when not. I believe that government functions best when leaders are transparent and utilize facts and thoughtful debate to move our state forward.

What do you think are key issues for Kansas? Reach out and let me know your priorities for the 10th district and our state.

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